What is a Premium Game?

Premium (also commonly designated as "Platinum," "Collector's Edition" or "Special Edition") games are high quality, big budget games with limited distribution – They are the best of the best!

Think highly anticipated sequels of well known franchises - The kind of games that you anticipate the release of.

Why is the Member price for Premium Games higher than regular ones?

Not too long ago casual games were to be considered low budget - cheap and fast to produce.  Over the last couple years they have become much more popular, players have become more sophisticated, and the bar has been raised.

Audiences now have much higher expectations in regards to art, music, and the overall production value of their casual games.

While the production value of casual games kept going up, the cost of the games kept dropping.

In order to continue to bring you the highest quality games possible, we, along with several other high-end game developers, have created a new premium category.

Just as most book titles first come out in hardback, then go to paperback - Premium Games are initially introduced at full price.

Will the Premium Games prices ever drop in price or be Game token eligible?

Absolutely.  After a time, based on a variety of factors such as contractual agreements, sales performance, and developer requirements games originally Premium priced will in most instances drop to normal member rates.  Games designated as Premium on our site are nearly always identically priced on other sites as well.

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