Can I play your games on my Mac?

Unfortunately, we do not offer Mac compatible download games directly from our website. While we hope to eventually offer Mac compatible downloadable products in the future, the System Requirements for each game's homepage do currently specify the Operating System capabilities.

Most of the sites which are Powered by iWin offer flash or HTML5 content games separately from download games which in most cases should be Mac compliant and can be played on most devices or operating systems.

You can visit one of our partner sites that feature games for Mac users, such as the Mac Game Store. Click HERE to visit their site. The download games available on our website do not run natively on any version of Mac OS, including OS X. 

As stated in each of our games' information page, the system requirements for the games are listed as running only on Windows operating systems.

Some of our customers have met with success when using a virtualization program such as Apple's Boot Camp  or Parallels, but we do not offer support for our games under such a configuration and certain minimum specifications apply (see below). 

   -PowerPC processor with at least 200 MHz
At least 32 megabytes of RAM
   -O.S. 10 or greater Safari (with Java and cookies enabled)

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