How may I remove/uninstall the Download Games Manager?

The Download Games Manager is an easy way to install, view, launch and play all of your download games. However, if you are experiencing problems completing updates of the software or with the game download process, it is sometimes advisable to reinstall the Manager for optimal performance. Here's how:

1. Click “Start.” (If you do not have a 'start' button, please navigate to the Control Panel)

2. Click on "Control Panel.”

3. Select the “Add or Remove programs”

4.  Find the games manager program associated with the site and uninstall it.

     - Iplay (Games Manager)
5.  Open your C:/Downloads folder and locate the subfolder respective to the site of ours you downloaded the games from.  Delete all contents from this folder.

The Download Games Manager should now be fully uninstalled.   

You may receive the message warning:  "If you uninstall the Download Games Manager then any games you have downloaded will no longer be playable." -don't worry.  It is true that you lose the ability to launch the games with the ease of the manager but uninstalling the manager does not remove the games on your machine.  When you reinstall your Download Games Manager, your installed games should repopulate.  Should you  need to uninstall any games (old trial games, etc.), you will need to do so individually (preferably through the Download Games Manager itself).

To reinstall the Manager simply reinstall any game from our website.

If you continue to experience problems with the Games Manager we would like to know what version ID you are currently running. To find out...

1.  Launch your Download Games Manager  and click on the "Settings" button as shown below.

2.  In the lower left hand corner of the "Settings" window, you will see the Download Games Manager  version ID number.  Please report this information to us. (Please note the MSN Games Download Games Manager is shown, however, it is the same for Iplay & Yahoo!)

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