Can I get a game on CD-ROM?

While ordering select the order on CD ROM option (if available) to receive your order on CD ROM for the additional price as shown. If you do not see an order on CD ROM option then the option is not available for that game. The price shown is valid internationally for all countries.

You may additionally download your order if desired, you do not have to wait to get your CD ROM. CD ROM is great for backup purposes, for computers that do not have internet access, and more.

If you have already placed your order and wish to get your game on CD ROM then please Contact Our Ordering Service BMT Micro and let them know what your order ID was and what games you wish to receive on CD ROM.

You are also free to burn the downloaded games on to a CD ROM yourself in you have access to a CD ROM burner.

There is no additional shipping and handling fee for the CD ROM, this is included in the price. The CD ROM price is valid world wide.

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