I Missed My Billing Cycle And Now I Cannot Get Into All Access, What Can I Do?

If you have missed your billing cycle and now are unable to get into All Access game play, the information below can help.

First ensure that your billing info is up to date.Once you have updated your billing method, you can do 1 of 2 things.

You can wait 24 hours for our automated billing to attempt the charge again  OR  you can cancel and then re-start the subscription, causing the billing to take place right away.

If you wish to wait, please just check back in 24 hours for All Access game play.

If you wish to stop and re-start, just click on 'My Account' then on the 'Membership Info' tab click cancel. After you confirm cancellation the 'Membership Info' tab will look like this:

Once you select the orange 'Reactivate My Membership' button, it will take to the next screen which will let you select either All Access or Club iWin. After completing the checkout process, the subscription should be active again.

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