How do I cancel my All Access subscription?

If you are having any problems with your Games or All Access subscription, we do want to know about them before you even consider cancelling. Click HERE to Submit a Ticket to the Customer Support Team.

Please read the following article in its entirety and follow all instructions for successful cancellation.

To cancel your account manually and stop auto rebilling, please complete the following...

1. Launch the Games Manager Application and Log in with your username and password.


2. Click on your username and then click on "My Account".


3. This will bring up the "My Account Page".

4. In the Section called "iWin Membership" click on the Blue "Cancel" Text.


5. You will be asked to Confirm. You can either "Keep All Access", or you may continue with "Cancel All Access".


6. Proceeding to "Cancel All Access" will bring up a confirmation display - Confirming that your All Access has been cancelled and when your All Access Subscription will expire.


7. And that is it - You're All Access Subscription has been cancelled. Should you have any issues following the above steps, then please the Customer Service Team know and they will assist you further. You can contact them HERE


For any eligible refund requests, you will need to contact the Customer Service Team HERE


Please Click HERE for our Terms of Service.

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