Why Are Some Games Removed From Your Site?

There are a number of reasons why a game might no longer be on our site:  

  • It may no longer be compatible with the latest versions of the Windows Operating System.


  • It may be because we are always changing and adding great things to our product mix and sometimes we remove some titles. 


  • Sometimes our licensing agreements with other game companies are only for a specific time periods and when that period expires they need to be removed. 


  • In some cases, games are removed temporarily for technical reasons such as new patches or graphical improvements.


  • When a game is removed from the Site - You will see the following in your Games Manager. There will be a Grey Icon where the game was on the site and a message saying that it is 'No Longer Available'


  • Click on the Information Icon will then bring up a screen providing further information and allowing you to also remove the game from your Games Manager.


  • If a game you love is currently off the site -we suggest checking back on the site frequently, there's a good chance you'll either find your desired game again or one you'll enjoy equally as well.
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