Why can I not log in to my ArcadeTown Account?

On Monday, January 22, we re-launched with all free downloadable and online games. Every game on the site is free to play the full version, with no signup required. Through the support of advertisers, we will continue to add new games and classic favourites to the site regularly, while keeping all games free to play. If you prefer to play without ads, you'll be able to turn them off by joining our new All Access program. It's your choice.

With this change, all previous ArcadeTown Accounts were rendered invalid and are no longer accessible.  Whilst you are not required to have an account on the new ArcadeTown Site to play the games. You will need one if you wish to take advantage of any of the paid services on offer such as All Access.

If you would like to play the latest premium downloadable games, we recommend that you visit our sister site,

If you have any questions about your Club ArcadeTown membership, or these changes, please reach out to Customer Support.

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